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The 1-Day Short Script Challenge

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TL;DR: Follow along with us as we formulate an idea and turn it into a finished short script.

Challenge Your Creativity


We often toil away at our ideas, scribbling short lines onto paper and crumpling them up in pure writer’s agony. It’s an age-old dilemma that faces all writers – how do you get over the hump?

From our experience, and after hearing much of the same from other writers, it is best to just expel the idea from your brain and power through a first draft.

It’s easier to tinker and alter a finished script than it is to chip away at an amoebous concept that keeps spilling away from your grasp.

In this live-stream we are tackling a short 3-minute film from ideation to finished draft.

You will see our process and watch as we overcome obstacles, debate over the realities of turning our concepts into a finished film, and explore the writing process that we use to write our scripts. Join us!

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Cinema Summit

Cinema Summit

We are two Emmy-nominated filmmakers who are determined to break the film industry and discover how to create lucrative and original independent films outside of the studio system. We invite you to follow along with us and learn from our horrible mistakes and incredible successes.

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