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Why We Are Stopping Our Social Media

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TL;DR: We are no longer participating in the social media rat race. We are streamlining everything in favor of our supporters and community on Patreon.

Yep. We have decided to stop all of our social media efforts.

I’m doing it. I’m deleting all of the social media apps from my phone and only checking them every so often when I’m actually on a computer.

Previously we had put some time and effort into building up our Instagram following and we would share photos from our shoots. But now, we are putting it all on autopilot so as to not distract us from our overall path and only sharing blog updates on our social accounts.

Patreon’s Features

Inside Patreon, we are able to share images and create stories, so moving forward we will only be sharing content there. This is to make sure we are putting our efforts into the community vs spinning in the hamster wheel of social media and marketing.

Cinema Summit Social Media Patreon Lens
Patreon’s Social Media Experience

That being said, we are going to put our post sharing on autopilot which means those of you who are already following our Facebook page and other platforms will still get alerts of new posts that we add to the blog. So they will still be a good way to stay informed about when we create new posts.

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Alex Darke

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