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How to Buy and Sell Equipment to Fund Your Projects

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TL;DR: Don't waste away in development limbo waiting for investors to jump on your project - greenlight yourself.

A Funding Alternative

In this class, we give you our exact sources for the best deals we’ve ever gotten and we walk you through each one so you can see the differences, why some are better than others, and how to dig deep to find the hidden gems.

Now that you’ve found the great gear, you need to ensure that you will get the best price and avoid any hangups that will lead to you missing out on a deal. We dive into negotiation and unique tactics that we use for each of the different sources.

In our over-the-shoulder section, we take you into the trenches and show you real examples from recent sales and show you exactly what it’s like to be making these deals.

Plus, we show you the advanced methods we use to not only finance our independent projects but also to pay for our studio in LA. If you take action and implement these secrets, you will have the ability to essentially “turn on the money machine” whenever you feel like it, and finally make the projects that you want to make.



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