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Fearless Filmmakers

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TL;DR: We had to make some changes to Fearless Filmmakers and to Cinema Summit, but what we have created will be better, stronger, faster, and more Kanye for everyone.

What Happened?

Fearless Filmmakers Error Page

Those of you who have been following Cinema Summit, listen to our Podcast, or were members of the Fearless Filmmakers community know that it has been down for several weeks now.

So what happened? Well, two things…

We built FF to be a community for like-minded filmmakers to join together, network, discuss projects, and ideally collaborate.

At first it was a very positive experience. Everyone was very vocal and excited at the prospect of this new social network, but slowly we realized that it wasn’t right.

Eventually, it became a SPAM board for people to post their random YouTube videos in hopes for a few extra views. It became a place where people would post up their crowdfunding campaigns in hopes for a few extra dollars. 

There was very little of what we intended it to be in the first place.

Plus, the platform that we chose – Mighty Networks – although good, was too expensive to maintain, and honestly offered too many features that we didn’t need or made the community difficult to update and moderate.

The Solution

Cinema Summit Forum

We closed the Fearless Filmmakers community, and began working on a new plan. One that we hope will get us back on track to our original goal.

We revamped the entire Cinema Summit modus operandi, created a new site, and rolled Fearless Filmmakers into it.

Our goal with all of this has always been pretty simple. We want to give back to the filmmaking community. We have been very lucky to have the experiences and opportunities that we have had, and now we feel it’s important to share that with up-and-coming filmmakers.

We’ve done this by mentoring students, one-on-one out here in LA, which has been great. But we wanted to be able to reach more people.

We’ve spoken at conferences and offered free live online trainings. We’ve made our podcast, which has been extremely fun and rewarding. And to supplement that, we created Fearless Filmmakers. 

But what we realized is, without some type of accountability or ability to vet people, the community was a real mixed bag. Some people were very serious about progressing as filmmakers – putting in the work, helping each other, sparking up conversation, and trying to make the community better, but others just saw an opportunity to try to self promote.

So, in order to weed out the people who don’t really want to contribute to the community, we have combined everything under one roof and put it behind a Patreon membership.

For just $5 per month, you can be part of the new Fearless Filmmakers community – Cinema Summit.

We chose the $5 price point for 2 reasons.

  1. It’s not so expensive that it hurts the pocketbook. Because we know filmmaking can be tight on certain months, and we don’t want to contribute to that pain.
  2. It’s expensive enough that people looking for a quick and easy way to blast out their stuff will think twice about joining.

Plus, with the $5 contributions from our new band of Fearless Filmmakers it will offset the cost of hosting the forum, the live-streams, and the website as a whole.

We’ve always done this for free. And we want to continue to provide value to those who can’t afford the $5 per month price tag, but now we are seeing the benefit of having a small gate to push through so that the community can be better for everyone.

We hope you understand. We hope you agree. And, with this new plan, we hope you can join and take ownership of the community. Help us grow, help us thrive, and help us to make it the perfect experience for you and your journey.

Cinema Summit Patreon Page

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