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Deliverables List

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TL;DR: Use this sample deliverables list to prepare your project for distribution.

Are You Ready to Deliver Your Film?

Chances are you aren’t. But that’s okay, you are in good company! Even the largest productions forget about the deliverable requirements until the last minute.

How do I know that? Well, I used to be the person to have to chase down all these items from producers at an international sales agency.

So, if you want to be ahead of the curve. Take a look at this list and see all the things that you MAY be required to provide.

But, keep in mind that not all distributors will require these things all at once or maybe even at all.

In some cases, they’ll only ask for things as they need them. (For example, you may not need to do an international PAL pan and scan on DigiBeta until you sell to a foreign territory that requires one.)

But other things like the documents and marketing images are typically always required.

Download the Deliverables List

Click the button below to download the sample deliverables list now!

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