Why We Are Stopping Our Social Media

Why We Are Stopping Our Social Media

We are no longer participating in the social media rat race. We are streamlining everything in favor of our supporters and community on Patreon.

Juggling a Day Job

Figuring out the best way to accomplish your dreams while earning a living is one of the most difficult tasks a filmmaker must conquer. Here are some steps that we take to do so.

Fail Faster

The Power of Failure I heard this idea mentioned today while listening to a podcast, and it’s something I’ve tried to remind myself of over and over again.  “Fail Faster” This may seem like a strange concept at first. No one likes failing, certainly not me. But it is important to understand that failure is […]

Fearless Filmmakers

We had to make some changes to Fearless Filmmakers and to Cinema Summit, but what we have created will be better, stronger, faster, and more Kanye for everyone.

The CS Directive

This is a constantly evolving set of rules that we hope to follow with all of our projects moving forward.

How We Are Starting Fresh

We are selling off all of our gear to start off again from scratch on our next project, which is going to be a short film that you can follow along with.

A New Beginning

This is a fresh start for Cinema Summit. See what we are up to.