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A New Beginning

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TL;DR: This is a fresh start for Cinema Summit. See what we are up to.

We are embarking on a new beginning to Cinema Summit. Over the past few years we have been experimenting with different ways to reach other independent filmmakers and share our experience and knowledge. The results have been varied, but in doing so we have learned what is really important to us.

We believe that the most beneficial thing we can do is lead by example. There are dozens of great online learning sites geared toward different aspects of the film industry and we frankly don’t even want to try to compete with them.

For us, the best way to learn has been to get out and get our hands dirty trying to recreate new things we’ve learned. Unfortunately, we can’t give you those hands-on experiences.

But we thought of the next best thing. Trevor and I are both the youngest siblings in our families and if there’s one thing we’ve learned from our older siblings it’s – watch from a distance, see how they fail and succeed, and avoid their failures and double down on their successes.

This actually works! In business, they call this “modeling”. You find someone to model your path off of. But for us, in the entertainment industry, there hasn’t been a lot of people to model. Our wants and desires lie outside of the film industry “norm”, so we have had to forge our own path.

Now, we are sharing that path with you so maybe, just maybe, you can learn from our mistakes, avoid our failures, and double down on our successes to find your own place in this crazy industry.

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Cinema Summit

Cinema Summit

We are two Emmy-nominated filmmakers who are determined to break the film industry and discover how to create lucrative and original independent films outside of the studio system. We invite you to follow along with us and learn from our horrible mistakes and incredible successes.

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